9 Day Economy Pickleball Costa Rica Tour and Play


YOUR TOUR is organized by Celeste and Tony Horpel, USAPA Tony and Celeste bananasAmbassadors to Costa Rica. Our "Real" Costa Rica Pickleball Tour is for the budget-minded pickleball player who want to see this beautiful country in a variety of ways. Hotels are TripAdvisor-rated as 4 star, clean, comfortable, and with good food.

Costa Rica is very different culturally and probably in every way. The people are sweet and welcoming, and the landscape is varied, having many micro-climates, from lush, moist, green forest to dry desert-like terrain, and from beaches to volcanoes.

You will experience a little of many of the places and things without having a super pressed schedule. The 2 extra days this tour provides will give you some leisure time to relax or join (optional) tours that aren't on our iteineray, AND you will stay fit by playing Pickleball too!

La Paz Waterfall Butterfly man toucan


  • Take in the beauty of 3 of Costa Rica's gorgeous beaches.
  • Get that amazing feeling as you breathe in the extra oxygen of the lush green of a primary-growth forest.
  • Feel the mist of gorgeous waterfalls.
  • Absorb the unique flora and fauna of the Costa Rican tropics.
  • See one of Costa Rica's more active volcanoes.
  • One of the several ways you'll learn about real life here is by visiting a Campasino Organic Coffee Farm & Garden, (no commercialized tours here! We show you the real Costa Rica! This particular tour has something so unusual that we're certain that you'll NEVER forget it!).
  • Costa Rica boasts more species of butterflies than anywhere else in the world! Feel the thrill of butterflies from several climates encircling and even landing on you, and learn about their life cycles.
  • Marvel at the wildlife here. Iguanas, monkeys, toucans, and macaws are a small example of just a few of the incredible variety of insects, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.
  • Experience the "Ticos", as the Costa Ricans call themselves, and get a feel for their culture.
  • See how business is conducted.
  • Eat delicious local food.
  • See a farmer's market like you've never seen.
  • Souvenir shop if you're interested.
  • Travel to a famous little artisan town with woodcrafters, furniture makers, painters, and culture. This town is a very important part of Costa Rica's culture.  Learn & see for yourself why the tradition celebrated multiple times per year throughout the country, draws large crowds.
  • Enjoy local towns, a tourist town, rural areas, several well-known tourist spots, and experience some less traveled Costa Rican gems.

As you unwind here, you'll learn the true meaning of the popular phrase, "Pura Vida"! (Pure Life!)

toasting coronas

Come and join us! We live here, and love the beauty of this country and feel certain you will feel the same.

Bring your cameras.  Every day here has many photo opportunities!

Leave room in your bags for;

  • A Pickleball Costa Rica coffee mug
  • A 1 lb. bag of rich, shade-grown coffee grown in our area
  • A Pickleball Costa Rica T-shirt



    • Travel to a secluded, local, palm-lined beach, with a pool available for non-beach guests. Lunch included.
    • Privately owned Ecological Nature Park with famous waterfalls, flora & fauna. Lunch included.
    • Poas Volcano
    • Monkey Beach
    • Local farmer's market
    • Campesino Organic family-run Coffee Farm & ecological surprise.
    • Butterfly farm
    • La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano
    • Hot Springs soak and lunch
    • Famous artisans' town; wood carving, furniture makers, painters, and history.
    • And of course, pickleball play 3 to 6 days.  Please remember to bring court shoes for play.


Days of Pickleball Play: 3 to 6    Bring your court shoes and a paddle.  No running shoes during play, for your own safety.

Breakfasts: 8,  Lunches: 6,   Dinners: 7, (3 w/ panoramic views of Sunset, Ocean, City Lights & beer, wine.  Includes a Meet & Greet, Welcome Dinner & Farewell Dinner.)


PRICE From $2,020  (Price is based on double occupancy.  Single accommodations will only be $91 more for this particular tour.  Single accommodations are limited, so book early if you would like a single room).

12-19 guests: $2,445    20-29 guests: $2,220    30 guests: $2,020

* GROUP INCENTIVEInvite your friends. You go FREE!

  • Put together a group of 12-19 paying guests and  receive one excursion FREE.  (Does not include airfare).
  • Put together a group of 20-29 Paying guests and receive up to 2 excursions FREE. (Does not include airfare).
  • Put together a group of 30 Paying guests and receive up to 3 excursions FREE. (Does not include airfare).

Deposit: (50% deposit due at the time of reservation). Final payment must be paid 3 months prior to the start date.


Tour START Time: Day 1 at 1 P.M.

Tour ENDS: Day 9 at 9 A.M.


PLANNING YOUR AIR TRAVEL:  If you're planning to purchase an all night flight, remember that it has to start the DAY BEFORE our tour start date.  Also, be aware that our check-in time at our hotel is not allowed until 3 p.m. that first day.  If you prefer to take a flight the day before, skipping the all nighter, please contact us, as we can suggest some hotels near the airport with free transport to and from the airport.

If you are planning to arrive in the morning of our tour start date, remember that you must leave time, after arriving, to go through immigration and customs, baggage collection, and also leave a little spare time if the flight is late, etc.  Our transportation leaves at 1p.m. for our hotel.  If for some reason you miss this ride, it is up to you to find transport to Best Western, Jaco on your own.

As you consider your flight home, remember that you will arrive at San Jose's Juan Santamaria Int'l airport at 9 a.m..  Everyone MUST  plan arrive 2 hours before your flight's scheduled departure time.  Example: If you arrive at 9 a.m. at the airport to leave Costa Rica, your flight must not be scheduled to depart before 11a.m.



DAY 1 (Monday)

"Meet & Greet", D

Transportation is included to Playa Jaco, our first destination.

Tour start time and transport departure time are 1:30 p.m.

Best Western Hotel, Jaco, located on Jaco beach, is our hotel. It is an all-inclusive for food, beverages and alcoholic drinks.

Best Western Jaco overview3 Best Western Hotel Jaco Tennis court Best Western Jaco Yellow room
surfer sunset2   Best Western Jaco Palmed beach

Jaco Beach, the largest tropical town in Costa Rica has a long stretch of beach and lots to do. The courts are reserved for us, so you may play optional pickleball, or wander the town to familiarize yourselves with things the town has to offer.

After check-in at 3 p.m. the afternoon and evening is yours. Remember that we have a "Meet & Greet" Welcome Reception at 5:00 p.m. at Lobby Bar. Beverages of any kind will flow freely. 

Welcome Dinner together after Meet & Greet.


Overnight in Playa Jaco, Best Western Hotel

DAY 2 (Tuesday)

B, L, Welcome Dinner with open bar.

Breakfast buffet (included) at our hotel.

Esterillos este beach2 Esterillos Este palm lined beach hammock

After breakfast we will take you to our all-time favorite palm-lined beach for about 3 hours. For those who don't like sand and the beach, we will have a pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas, as well as out on the beach among the palms and waves. There are men's and women's showers to clean up after your adventure.

Lunch is (included) during our stay.

Welcome Dinner (included) with local beers, wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Optional pickleball play on lighted courts in the evening.

Overnight in Playa Jaco, at Best Western Hotel

DAY 3 (Wednesday)

 B, L, D

Buffet breakfast buffet (included)

Los Suenos zip line photo Horseback riding jaco Beach lounges BW Jaco  

Open, unscheduled day. Relax or stroll the beach, or do an (optional) zip line, horseback ride, canopy walk, SUP Paddleboarding, Kayaking, etc.). Whatever you choose, there is transportation to and from the hotel.

Lunch (included) at our hotel

Dinner (included) at our hotel

Evening on your own

Optional Pickleball play

Overnight in Playa Jaco at Best Western Hotel

DAY 4 (Thursday)

  B, L, D (BBQ Dinner + beer and wine with a view of Ocean/Sunset/City lights).

Breakfast Buffet (included)

After our buffet breakfast we leave Jaco for cooler country. We ultimately go to San Ramon, the area where our club, Pickleball Costa Rica, is located.

After Check-out we will stop briefly at a beach to introduce you to some families of White Faced Capuchin monkeys. You may see some mothers carrying their young on their backs. They actually come quite close. Each monkey has their own little face. This is always a hit to everyone who goes.

  Father and Son Capuchins Monkey laying on branch  

Pickleball Open Play; Upon arrival in the cool Central Highlands, we'll go straight to our club in Santiago. We have lots of Americans, Canadians, and Costa Ricans who are looking forward to playing with you! Cold bottled water and fruit snacks are available during play.

  Overview of gym  

Lunch: A buffet lunch is (included) at a popular place with some delicious Costa Rican fare.

Check-in hotel/shower at our Hotel, La Posada, and depending on time, drive around the town of San Ramon to get a feel for the way people live here.

La Posada Bed La Posada Dining  

Dinner: BBQ Dinner (included) at John & Carol's Jardin La Torre w/beer and wine, and a panoramic view of the ocean, valley, and sunset with city lights.

Leaving Paradise    

Overnight in San Ramon Hotel La Posada.

DAY 5 (Friday)

 B, L, D

Breakfast (included) at our hotel

We head for a nature park and wildlife reserve with primary-growth forest and beautiful waterfalls. It is the #1 most visited privately owned ecological attraction in all of Costa Rica with 100 species of animals and a great environmental education program. The refuge is for animals that have been injured or lost their parents when very young. It's one of our favorites.

  • See many of the plants, flowers, and exotic topical animals.
  • Walk through several large aviaries with multiple varieties of the country's birds, including Toucans and macaws, and enter a separate hummingbird garden. You can feed them to your heart's content.
  • Learn about each life-stage of this region's butterflies in the enormous butterfly observatory; in Costa Rica, each micro-climate has its own species of butterflies, and this country boasts more species of butterflies than anywhere in the world.
  • If you enjoy reptiles, amphibians, and insects, Costa Rica has the most bizarre, crazy0looking types  we've ever seen!
  • Take a walk down the stairs to feel the comforting mist of someo of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. The venture to the waterfalls has many steps (with hand rails on both sides). If you are unable to do stairs, this portion of the day might not be for you.
manuel antonio nat park animals hummingbird la paz waterfall Gardens manuel antonio Nat park animals toucan
La Paz Waterfall Butterfly on face  
manuel antonio national park Macaws Odd flowers in Costa Rica Night tour Leaf Cutter Ant man toucan

Lunch is (included) there at a very nice buffet with a view of these beautiful surroundings.

As we leave this area, we will go to one of Costa Rica's more active volcanoes.

Arriving back in San Ramon, we will have another cultural experience. Bring your cameras to this as well: This local market is most likely something like you've never experienced.

Dinner (included) will be at another of our favorite places. It's a small, popular restaurant with a Costa Rican artsy atmosphere, which creates a fun dining experience. Fare for tonight is scrumptious Pizza, with excellent Micro Brews and wine included.

Overnight in San Ramon at Hotel La Posada

DAY 6 (Saturday)

"Real" Costa Rica cultural experience                              B, L, 

Breakfast at our hotel (included)

Today will provide you with some real memories.

After an early breakfast we see a family-owned Butterfly Farm. They carefully raise multiple species and ship them around the world. You'll learn about the stages of their lives and see plants and bushes that attract them.

Next stop is a Compesino Organic Coffee Farm, Organic Garden and Eco-Creativity surprise. This is a tour you will NEVER forget!

There is nothing touristy about these businesses. This is how most of the smaller farms live, operate, and survive.

The people you will meet today at both farms ar ejust real local people living their lives and trying to make a living. We can guarantee that you will come away with a new attitude and a real appreciation for your next cup of coffee.

Lunch (included) at Mi Rancho buffet

After lunch there will be Open Pickleball play at our club. Cold bottled water and fruit snacks are provided.


Dinner on your own. There are multiple places available but our suggestion is one of San Ramon's favorite restaurants, which we will transport you to if you wish.

Overnight in San Ramon at Hotel La Posada

DAY 7 (Sunday)

B, L, Dinner w/ view, beer/wine

Arenal VolcanoBreakfast at our hotel (included)

We will leave fairly early to go to La Fortuna, home of the majestic volcano, Arenal, in order to hopefully catch sight of her in all her beauty. Often, this beauty is covered in clouds, but early morning seems to be the best time.

Eco Termales hot springs Eco Termales hot springs 3 Eco Termales hot springs 2
  Arenal Volcano  

Today also brings total relaxation in some hot springs created by Arenal Volcano. There are many hot springs in the La Fortuna area, but we have chosen this private experience because of its popularaity, but they also limit the number of guests per session, which keeps the crowds down. The less people, the more relaxing!

Lunch is (included) at the hot springs.

We leave right after lunch to driver over the pass before the daily thick fog rolls in.

Dinner (included) at Kim and David's Vista Valverde, high up on the hills above San Ramon, with a view of the city, expansive coffee farms, and views of the ocean. Includes local beer and wine.

Overnight in San Ramon at Hotel La Posada

DAY 8 (Monday)

 B, Farewell Dinner

Breakfast (included) at our hotel

Round Robin / Open Play (with snacks/cold bottled H20)

Hotel / shower

We will travel to a small artesian town famous for their painted ox carts still used by many here in Costa Rica for heavy farm work. Each ranch family has their own unique design, painting their cart yokes for their oxen. There are multiple parades throughout Costa Rica displaying their beautiful carts pulled by their mighty oxen...Experiencing this parade in person is a real joy to see! This little town is also famous for its wood crafting and hand-made furniture.

Costa Rican CartLunch is your own while wandering this town.

Souvenir shop with significantly lower prices, if you're interested.

cartPainterTonight is our FAREWELL DINNER.  Gourmet Dinner (included) at Andy and Nancy's Casa Vivace, with a panoramic view of the ocean, + beer and wine.

Overnight in San Ramon at La Posada Hotel

DAY 9 (Tuesday)


red eyed frog2Breakfast (included) at our hotel.

Your tour ends today and you leave Costa Rica. Transportation is provided at 8:00 a.m. to the airport. Remember to leave room in your suitcases for our gifts to you!

Thanks for joining us! We hope you had a wonderful time!

The cute crazy-looking Red Eyed Tree Frog here is the frog we copied as our mascot for our logo!


Best Western Hotel, Jaco: Beach Front All-Inclusive Unlimited Food, Beverages, Alcohol, Snacks.  Rooms are clean, beds are comfortable, and food and drinks are good.

Amenities: Air Conditioning, Phone, Free International Calls to the USA and Canada, Wireless Internet, Alarm Radio, Hot Water, Private Bathroom, Desk/work Area, Cable TV & Free Movie Channel.  Daily Housekeeping, In-Room Safe, Hair Dryer, Iron & Ironing Board, Rollaway Beds/extra beds available), Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services, and wheelchair accessibility.  (If you have someone with you who needs wheelchair accessibility, please let us know as soon as possible, as these rooms are limited).

Sports Available:  Adult & child Swimming Pools, Beach Volley Ball Court, Tennis Court, Ping Pong.

Beds:  Each room contains 1 Double and 1 Twin bed.


La Posada Hotel, San Ramon: A family owned eco-friendly hotel with solar power.  TripAdvisor-rated 4 stars, La Posada has clean rooms with comfortable beds.

Amenities:  Full Breakfast, Room Service, High Speed Internet, 24/7 Reception, Free calls to the USA and Canada, Whell Chair Accessibility, Suites, Air Conditioning is some rooms, but there is usually no need for it except on rare occasions, because of the altitude.  Ceiling fans in all rooms, ornate Costa Rican carved wood furniture, Comfortable Beds, Hot Water, and Hair Dryers.  Each room is fonfigured differently from the others. 


Single Room Supplement: Single rooms are limited.  The single supplement for this particular trip is $91 more.  If you want a room to yourself, book early, but call or email us first to make certain there is a room available.




TRAVEL INSURANCE, (including trip cancellation) IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  

This is not the USA.  Road and weather conditions, as well as earthquakes and volcanoes can close roads for hours if not days in some rare cases.  If we are stopped or delayed, for any reason, from arriving at our destination, or you have a health problem or are involved in an accident  and you have no cancellation or accident insurance, we will not be liable to pay for any expenses to change flights missed, or pay for the change hotels to another location (We will have pre-paid for hotels.  If we cannot, for some reason get to a hotel, we are not responsible for paying for the 2nd hotel.  This is what travel insurance should cover.). 

By paying for, and committing to this tour, you are agreeing that the responsibility of purchasing travel/health/cancellation insurance is yours and that we are in no way expected to provide payment for anything other than our originally scheduled plans and expenses. 

See "Terms and Conditions" under "Tours" tab for additional information.



  • Days of Pickleball play: 3 to 6
  • Breakfasts: 8  Lunches: 6  Dinners:7, (3 w/panoramic views of Sunset, Ocean, City Lights.  Includes a Meet & Greet, Welcome Dinner & Farewell Dinner
  • All entrance fees of tours and parks listed in itinerary, except those suggested as "optional"
  • Although we do pay for court fees where "optional" is listed for Pickleball.
  • All in-country transportation, including transport to and from hotel and airport on first/last days.
  • All court fees & equipment, but bring your favorite paddle if you have one.
  • We will be using two hotels; Hotel rooms at 3 Star Best Western All-Inclusive (Food/Beverages/alcohol) and 3 Star Hotel La Posada,prices based on double occupancy. (If you desire a single room, register as soon as possible as single rooms are limited.  You will only pay a single-room charge of $91 more for this particular tour).
  • 1 Pickleball Costa Rica T-shirt
  • 1 Pickleball Costa Rica Coffee Mug
  • 1 lb. bag of shade-grown coffee from our club's area of San Ramon/Palmares, which is the coffee region of Costa Rica!



  • Travel to a secluded, local, palm-lined beach, with a pool available for non-beach guests. Lunch included.
  • Privately owned Ecological Nature Park with famous waterfalls, flora & fauna. Lunch included.
  • Poas Volcano
  • Monkey Beach
  • Local farmer's market
  • Campesino Organic family-run Coffee Farm & ecological surprise.
  • Butterfly farm
  • La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano
  • Hot Springs soak and lunch
  • Famous artisans' town; wood carving, furniture makers, painters, and history.
  • Pickleball play 3 to 6 days.  Please remember to bring court shoes for play.



  • Airfare to/from Costa Rica
  • Airport Tax of approx $29 to be paid before departure. Find out from your airline if they have included that tax in your airfare or if you must pay before exiting.
  • Any meals not "included" and printed in black letters as B, L, or D to the far right of the tour DAY #, and day of the week.
  • "Included meals" does not mean included beverages unless beverages are included. Please pay for your own beverages or alcohol.
  • Room service, laundry service or mini bar. All items or food/drinks or services must be paid for at the time of service: No room service charges.
  • (For your information, Costa Rica has a 13% tax on any purchase, and a 10% added tax for service at most restaurants. Small mom-and-pop places called "Sodas" usually don't have the service tax. Employees usually make from $1.50 to $3.00 per hour. Please DO tip them if you see that the 10% tip is not added on the receipt).
  • Medical needs.
  • Any tours not listed in itinerary, especially ones mentioned as "optional", EXCEPT for ("optional" pickleball play suggested in the itinerary).  This is just time available for you to play if you'd like this activity in your free time.
  • Any taxis or other transportation that you choose to use during the trip.